Friday, November 21, 2008

Little by Little...

...the lion catches the monkey in the jungle. (Senegalese proverb)
...grow the bananas. -(Congolese proverb) goes far. (Spanish proverb)
...the bird builds its nest. (French proverb)
...a little becomes a lot. (Tanzanian proverb)
...the camel goes into the couscous. (Moroccan proverb) can make it happen. (Sinhalese proverb)

While living in Senegal and then Sri Lanka, I often heard the phrase by friends and colleagues, little by little… ndank ndank mooy japp golo ci naay or tikak tikin oya karanawa. These small phrases can mean so much!

When we are faced with overwhelming experiences in life, connecting to the present moment and progressing through life little by little enables us to get through any challenging times in our lives.

Every day, news of the economy continues to take the world on a roller coaster with little bits of information lifting us towards hope only to be followed by one more piece of bad news with the stomach turning promise of more to come.

In our own personal lives, we may experience something similar – feeling uplifted with a sense of accomplishment with one experience, and then suddenly feeling overwhelmed with an unexpected change in life.

It is similar to reaching the peak of a mountain to only find out you must descend the other face of the mountain before climbing to yet another peak on the horizon (btw, this actually happened to me years ago in the White Mountains of New Hampshire!).

Perhaps looking forward to the future ahead is something we don't wish to do, fearful of what lies beyond our vision. Yet, moving forward is the only way since the horizon holds our dreams to realize, or even our fears to overcome.

Yoga teaches us to trust that all elements of life have their purpose and will help you discover your life path one step at a time. The Bhagavad Gita reminds us that when we act with good intentions in our hearts, only positive outcomes will follow – of course, there may be a bumpy road along the way!

Life offers us the gift of time that passes with each moment of our breath. One minute passes into the next turning into hours. Days morph into weeks then months. Suddenly before we know it years have past in our life.

Time seems to define us, yet if we can take a moment to be present in our breath, in our minds in our bodies then we may realize that time is ours to define.

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