Monday, September 14, 2009

DETOX YOGA FLOW (c) with Ruah Bhay

Release stress and detox your entire mind & body through intense flowing movement, mindful breathing, guided relaxation. Detox Yoga Flow maps out a simple union of three essential yoga practices (pranayama mindful breathing, asana yoga poses and dhyana meditation) in order to create equanimity in your body and have a peace of mind. Detox Yoga Flow enhances the hypometabolism (oxygen consumption), stimulates the hypothalamus (body’s ability to react/fight or flight response) and improves the nervous system (breathing, digestion, cell rejuvenation). Discover how to guide your mind and body into a personal hour-long retreat. Detox Yoga Flow facilitates you to overcome physical and mental challenges of stress, encourage a healthy body and mental balance. For times, see above schedule.

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Flow yoga, prenatal yoga, beginner or advanced yoga and spiritual meditation with guidance from NYC yoga instructor Ruah Bhay, M.A. Discover your healthy body and mind with private sessions.