Saturday, December 4, 2010

Ruah Yoga Returns!

Atta yoga anunasanam! Now is the time for yoga! After enjoying being a mom and yoga teacher to my baby son Nadal, it's now time to follow the path back to teaching NYC yogis! Starting in January, I'll be back to teaching!

Nurturing another human being has certainly been teaching me many life lessons that are useful as a yoga teacher. Also, the balance that yoga, meditation and pranayama has brought to my life has been integral to getting through the challenges of being a new mom.

I'm so excited to start teaching yoga again (beyond my baby) and share the peace and bliss that yoga brings to all of our lives.

Looking forward to seeing you at Equinox & Yogaworks soon!



Nadal Phoenix Bhay is Born!

Please join ,me in sharing positive thoughts and blessings for the new arrival of Nadal Phoenix Bhay, born on Tuesday, 10.12.10 at 1pm sharp.

Labor was a challenging and life-changing experience with 36 hours from when my water broke to Nadal coming into the world. With the help of my team of support from my amazing-beyond-words husband, wonderful doula, Gayle Lemke and phenomonal midwife, Sandy Woods, I was able to push him out after 12 hours of contractions and forty minutes of pushing (all without an epidural) and even catch him with my own two hands!

Nadal is Sanskrit for "fortuitous" and "blessed". Of course, Neil & I are also excited that he shares a name with a great U.S. Open winner! We chose Phoenix, the bird and spirit of fire, as it represents rebirth - just as we are experiencing a birth of a new phase of life!

I feel so very blessed and lucky to have him join our lives after patiently watching him grow into a unique and beautiful being in my belly! We are so thrilled to now share Nadal with the world. We hope to raise him as a thoughtful, caring, compassionate, intelligent and strong yogi boy to make a difference for the better in the world around him.

You can find out what Nadal is up to and see more photos on his Facebook Page under Nadal Bhay.

I will be sure to keep you updated with Ruah Yoga as it progresses - with a return to teaching classes and workshops in the new year. Finally, always be sure to find me on Facebook and my blog for other updates.

Facebook: Ruah Yoga - Minda, Body, Spirit!/pages/New-York-NY/Ruah-Yoga-Healthy-Mind-Body-Spirit/64080503705

Peace, Love & Light to all!

Ruah, Neil & Nadal

Saturday, October 2, 2010

38.5 Weeks Pregnant

Emotions and senses heightened beyond even my normal sensitive-self;
Blissful in my mind & body;

Grateful for last few days of this life inside me;

Amazed that there are more blessings beyond my imagination to this journey up ahead;

Moving slowly like through water;

Deeply in love with and grateful for Neil, family, friends & yoga;

Indebted to yoga for feeling strong and guiding me through daily headstands, shoulder stands and even arm balances...on the other hand...can barely roll over or get up in the morning;

Dreaming of how this beautiful boy will look and envisioning our first exchange of a heart-felt glance;

Motherhood and a real-life baby seem so far away even though they could arrive any moment;

Wondering what contractions will feel like and how I will (like every other woman before and after me) somehow figure it out when they come;

Looking forward to whatever birth is part of the life-path while visualizing and praying for a natural and blissful one.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Ruah Prenatal Yoga on Lake Winnisquam

Practicing yoga this far into the pregnancy at 35 weeks and beyond truly proves the miracle of what yoga can do for your body, mind and spirit!

Every day I thank G-d for bringing yoga into my life and helping me to feel better in my body and in my mind as this incredible transformation literally happens before my (and everyone else's) eyes.

Here are a few photos of my practice taken by my wonderful mom at the beautiful childhood home of my husband and where my amazing in-laws still live in New Hampshire.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Ruah in July Edition

Check out this article on private sessions with a notable mention of me. "Not Your Average Yoga Studio" is written by one of my lovely private students,Add Image Grace Lee. Grace also happens to be expecting and even has the same due date as me in October!

Article on P.27 & 29:

Magazine Website:

One of the most amazing joys of being a yoga teacher is witnessing the incredible progress of regular, committed students over time. This is especially so with all of my private students. When studying yoga privately, a student has the opportunity to fine-tune their practice and work on poses and meditations that are adapted to the how the student is feeling the day of the practice. Also, private sessions offer a space for students to deepen their relationship and understanding of themselves.

Group classes, of course, award wonderful benefits including absorbing the shared flow of energy and learning from others in the class. However, practicing with a private teacher can really deepen a sense of awareness, encouraging the practice self-study, svadyaya.

When a teacher guides a student through postures that are carefully aligned to the indivual body, the muscle memory returns to recreate the best variation of the posture everytime the student practices. As a student becomes increasingly mindful of their mind-body connection it becomes an effortless process to explore new postures, deepen variations of familiar postures and discover the peace of mind naturally present within all of us. This is how we advance in our practice.



Friday, May 21, 2010

Ruah Yoga Prenatal Flow at Reebok June 26th 3:30-4:30pm

Reebok Sports Club, 160 Columbus Ave.

Members: $25

Non-Members: $40


Enjoy a two hour personal retreat to encourage a healthy pregnancy for you and your baby.
Learn useful guidelines and techniques to practice yoga safely throughout your entire pregnancy and delivery.
Prenatal Ruah Yoga Flow guides you through a sequence preparing you for a peaceful, happy, healthy pregnancy and birth:

Flowing movements to relieve tension, energize, strengthen and open the body;
Mindful breathing techniques to improve the nervous system for you and your baby (pranayama) and help prepare you for later stages of pregnancy and labor;
Relaxation/meditation methods to relieve your mind of any anxiety or distractions.

Ruah uses her experience of teaching yoga for nearly a decade as well as her own pregnancy (she's expecting a baby in October!) to guide you into to feeling deeply connected to the best part of yourself and to your baby. You will leave with a sense of being refreshed, invigorated and peaceful in your mind, body & spirit; ready to welcome your child into the world.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Ruah Detox Yoga Flow at Yogaworks May 16th

Sunday, May 16th 1:30-4:30pm
Yogaworks East Side 1319 3rd Ave., 2nd Floor

Release stress and detox your entire mind & body through intense flowing movement, mindful breathing, guided relaxation. Detox Yoga Flow © maps out a simple union of three essential yoga practices:

Asana: intense flowing yoga postures to strengthen and open up the body;
Pranayama: mindful breathing to improve the nervous and digestive system;
Dhyana: meditation techniques to effortlessly guide yourself into deep relaxation.

Detox Yoga Flow© enhances the hypometabolism (oxygen consumption), stimulates the hypothalamus (body's ability to react/fight or flight response) and improves the nervous system (breathing, digestion, cell rejuvenation).

This three hour personal mini-retreat will leave you feelingl balanced and healthy in your body, mind and spirit.

Detox Yoga Flow© All rights reserved Ruah Bhay 2009.



Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Ruah Reviewed in Beauty Logic!

For the full article click:

Foxy Fit Mommy Prenatal Yoga - Yoga Works

In the early nineties, when Mommy got sick with cancer, she started to turn to a healthier lifestyle, and began Yoga. Because I was always with my mommy at the time, at the age of twelve, I was practicing Yoga right alongside with her. As I grew older, and into my own life, I stopped doing yoga, but then when I hit my early twenties, I began again. The benefits of Yoga are amazing. Not only does it physically help you, but I feel such a sense of calm and wellness as I do it. Anyway, after finding out about Little Mr. DE, Yoga Works, blessed me with a free prenatal yoga session, and I must say that’s just what the doctor ordered. Many of my friends practice at Yoga Works and have given it rave reviews so I was really excited about going. The location I went to was in Soho although Yoga Works has a few other spots throughout the city. My instructor was Ruah Bhay. It’s so important to feel comfortable with your instructor, and I immediately loved her. Her voice, spirit and energy were all so comforting and warm. My session was an hour (although it was going so great that it went way too fast for me), and during the hour, Ruah taught me so many positions. Ones that I really liked were the Balsana Child pose which relieves tension in hips and back, soothes the mind and restores energy to the body. When you’re 7 months pregnant, back pain is a common problem, and this position really helped alleviate the stress on my back. We also did the Seated Cow, which helps create space in the spine and hips and stimulate the mammary glands to prepare for breast milk, (I plan to breast feed my little squirrel) and to improve the immune system. All in all, the poses I did helped me feel amazing. When I walked out of the place, I hadn’t felt that good, well since before my pregnancy. Ruah is a great instructor, and Yogaworks is a place that I will def be making another prenatal yoga appt for.

Balasana Child’s Pose (1 minute)
 Big toes to touch, knees as wide as your torso (or wider for tight hips), point your toes.
 Lower the forehead to the floor or onto a block.
 Extend your arms to straight reaching your hands as far forward as you can.
 Hands shoulder distance apart, fingers spread wide, palms flat and pressing down into the floor.
 Lift the arms up as you press the hands down.
 Inhale, find length in the spine
 Exhale, find depth in the pose.

Seated Cat/Cow. (1-5 minutes)
 Still seated on the blankets place the soles of the feet together about a foot from your pelvis, knees out to the side and hands onto your shins with straight arms.
 Inhale, open the chest and draw the shoulder blades down the back.
 Exhale, round the spine spreading the shoulders on the back and tucking the chin into the chest.
 Add one arm lifting up on the inhale and lowering on the exhale and then switching.
 Add both arms.

For more info on Yoga Works Log on to.
For more info on Ruah log on to her page at or follow her on twitter @ruahyoga

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Spring Greetings!

"As the sun shines upon my heart, may my heart shine upon the hearts of others!" - The Upanishads

Dear Friends,

I hope that this finds you happy, healthy and delighting in the beginning of spring!

What a miracle change is! Transformation happens so quickly this season as the warmer weather and moist air brings along all of nature's budding beauty. It is in the air, more change is certainly on the way!

This season of change in Ayurveda (the science of the body) is called kapha, a time when our bodies and minds tend to be slow and even sluggish in the process of awakening out of our hibernation from winter. Now is a time to get to bed early and arise at an early hour to avoid the feeling of heaviness that often comes with sleeping-in during this time. Drink hot liquids with spices like ginger and cinnamon and be sure to include daily exercise to cleanse the body and mind. Create a plan and pave a path for your body and mind to spring into a healthy and happy you! I hope that you will join me Sunday, May 16th for Detox Ruah Yoga Flow workshop at Yogaworks and also please read below for some very special news!

In gratitude, peace, joy, love and good health.



Compassion, Love & Transformation

This coming October, with the grace and miracle of the universe, I hope to experience the new joy and blessed occasion of sharing a new sense of compassion and love as a mother!

I have always known that I wanted to be a mother. I grew up loving kids spending my entire young adult life babysitting, playing with children and being a summer camp counselor. It always just felt natural and was what I loved. Now with the actual prospect of becoming a mother to my own little one, I am overwhelmed with excitement, anticipation, fear, and wonder! While I understand that we can never know what the universe holds up ahead, I do feel that this new experience is meant to be exactly as it is, to teach me so many things and hopefully be able to share this miraculous experience with others.

I once attended a wedding where the priest spoke of the Hebrew word for compassion, rechemet, which derives from rechem, which is Hebrew for womb. The miraculous existence of the womb is so clearly connected to how we as humans are able to share compassion with ourselves and with others. In order to be compassionate and to love others, we must first be compassionate to and be in love with ourselves.

As much as it is difficult to fathom, we all lived inside our biological mother's womb at the beginning of life. Our own form as we are now started out barely the size of a poppy seed, growing over time inside of her as we slowly transformed into the physical foundation of who we are today. During this special time inside of our mother's womb, we were equally dependent on our own health as we were on the health of our mother. Likewise, she was dependant on her health as well as ours in order to survive.

As tiny human beings growing at an amazing rate inside our mother's womb so many years ago, we were already in motion to developing into exactly who we are right now. Our mother also experienced the transformation of her body and life as she discovered this entirely new identity that she also learned to accept and love as her new self. This rhythm continued for 40 weeks as we both intimately integrated as one being and eventually gave us life on this earth - capable of passing on that love and compassion we experienced in the womb with others.

So as this new chapter of life develops, I am reminded of the priest's advice, love yourself first and the divine energy within you, then you will best be able to love another. As our bodies, minds and life continue to transform in ways beyond our imagination, it is important to do our best continue to love exactly who we are in each moment (even if your favorite yoga top & jeans don't fit and you can't jump back into chatturanga ; ), so we can focus on sharing the love that we cultivate within ourselves right into the heart of loved ones.

What Next?
In case you are curios, my plan is to teach! I expect to teach as far along through this as my body and this beautiful little one growing inside me will allow and return to teach a few months afterwards with hopefully plenty of new lessons learned. Fortunately for me and other mom-to-be yoga teachers, many inspirational yogini teacher moms have pioneered and paved the path to doing it all - Gurmukh Khal Khalsa, Shiva Rea, Rainbow Mars, Anita Goa and many more. I hope to follow in their footsteps and continue my path as a yoga teacher. We will see what the universe has in store and I will be sure to continue with more updates.

Breath Meditation for Wisdom, Happiness & Peace

Sit comfortably with your eyes closed and spine erect and lower back supported if you have tension (if you become uncomfortable, feel free to adjust your body and find stillness again).

· Inhale for a count of 4-8 and Exhale for the same count.

· Notice the natural retention or pauses between the inhale and exhale.
· Continue to follow the breath up your spine as you inhale and down your spine as you exhale.
· If distracting thoughts come, acknowledge them and then use the breath to draw you back from any distracting thoughts.
· Allow the breath to become more and more effortless and shallow with each passing moment.
· Once you feel a sense of ease, draw your awareness back to the breath.
· As you inhale, visualize a sense of peace and happiness expanding from within you.
· As you exhale, visualize letting go of any physical tension or gripping.
· Allow yourself to care about absolutely nothing, letting go of last moment and freeing yourself from the next.
· Be fully present in your breath and sense of peace & happiness from within.

Tips for Healthy Digestion

Drink to your health!
First thing every morning, start with a full cup of water with fresh lemon to start cleansing the digestive system.

Spice up your Day!
Choose spices like cumin, fennel, pepper, turmeric when cooking. Clear toxins in your body by sipping hot water throughout the day. Try eating very lightly for a day - choosing soups, fruit (raw and stewed), juices, herbal teas.

Wake up to a Green Juice Smoothie!
Prior to having morning sickness (aka heightened food sensitivities and tastes), I absolutely lived by this amazing morning pick-me-up concoction! Many students have agreed to this special way of starting the morning with a yummy green juice in the blender! It is truly delicious and honestly, the green taste is very subtle, it's actually quite sweet with the fruit. So, I haven't completely given up my morning juice, but for now I'm just doing the fruit version since apparently my body isn't as thrilled with the green part. If you're like me right now and can't stomach green in the morning, you can follow the fruit version below.

Green Juice Smoothie:
(enter into blender in this order for best blending results)
1/2-1 cup of chopped melon (cantoloupe, watermelon, honeydew melon etc.)
1 sliced banana
1 avocado (optional)
½ cup of berries (optional)
1-2 handfuls of spinach/kale/swiss chard (just one or all three together)
1 tblsp organic oats

Fruit Juice Smoothie:
1/2-1 cup of chopped melon (cantoloupe, watermelon, honeydew melon etc.)
1 sliced banana
1 avocado (optional)
½ cup of berries (optional)
1-3 tblsp organic low-fat plain yogurt
1 tblsp organic oats

Use your breath!
Breathing in and out with your right nostril only will help stimulate your digestive system. Do this before and after every meal to improve your metabolism.

Pingala Pranayama (2-5 minutes)
Sit comfortably and close your eyes, taking your awareness inside.
Close off your left nostril with the ring finger of your right hand and breath in and out through your right nostril.
Nadi Shodona (3-11 minutes)Follow along with me on Ruah Yoga YouTube:

Friday, February 26, 2010

Ruah's Detox Yoga Flow at Equinox March 4th

You are invited as Ruah's personal guest to

A NIGHT OF YOGA at Equinox 74th Street

WHEN: THURSDAY, MARCH 4th 5:30-8:30pm
WHERE: EQUINOX 74th Street & 2nd Avenue

5:30-5:50: Yoga fashion show in the shop window with Phat Buddha
6:00-7:00: Ruah's Detox Flow Vinyasa Yoga
7:05-7:30: Health & wellness benefits of yoga /meditation with Ruah
7:30-8:00: Deepening your Private Yoga Practice demo with Ingrid
8:00-8:30: (Intro) Yoga for Dudes demo with Nathan Bennett

Please RSVP to and include that you are my guest in order to reserve your complimentary entry for non-Equinox members.

Friday, February 12, 2010

KARMA YOGA: Make a Difference in Peoples' Lives & Your Own

Karma Yoga is the “yoga of action” with the intention of liberation from the results of our actions through self-transcending service and dedication to something greater than ourselves.

Save ST. VINCENT’S HOSPITAL in Greenwich Village
This is the hospital that my mom WALKED to while in labor to give birth to me and wrapped up my fractured wrist at ten years old! St. Vincent’s has been and still is an essential part of the downtown community and can use our help. PLEASE visit the link below to find out how to spend a few moments of practicing Karma Yoga – giving back to the community.

Support HAITI in its recovery and rebirth
I am honored to share the amazing story of a lovely and dedicated yoga student B.J. Adler’s son. Walter offered the gift of 12 days and endless energy in the immediate relief efforts in Haiti as an FDNY EMT. B.J. has been a yogi for decades and it shows on and off the mat, and now in supporting her son’s generous work in Haiti. Let Walter’s story touch and inspire you, reading it through B.J.’s voice.

Haiti can still use our help, please consider continuing your support by making a donation here:

Partners In Health

The Clinton Foundation

Doctors Without Borders

Red Cross



Make a Donation:

Mission The mission of Greenwich House is to help individuals and families lead more fulfilling lives by offering social and health services, cultural and educational programs, and opportunities for civic involvement to New Yorkers of all ages and backgrounds.

Vision As was true with Greenwich House's founders in 1902, we, its board and staff, are dedicated to improving the quality of life of the individuals and families who make up the communities we serve and who need our services. We welcome New Yorkers from all segments of society, regardless of age, gender, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, and religion. We offer flexible and responsive services that address a wide variety of contemporary challenges-early childhood education, drug and alcohol abuse, mental health, health care and services for people living with HIV/AIDS, arts education and enrichment, and elder care. Our professionally trained staff is committed to maintaining excellence in our programs and the personal service we provide.


“Yoga is a gradual process of replacing our unconscious patterns of thought and behavior with new, more benign patterns that are expressive of the higher powers and virtues of enlightenment.

It takes time to accomplish this far-reaching work of self-transformation, and therefore practitioners of Yoga must first and foremost practice patience.

Enlightenment, or liberation, is not realized in a matter of days, weeks, or months. We must be willing to commit to an entire lifetime of yogic practice. There must be a basic impulse to grow, regardless of whether or not we will achieve liberation in this lifetime. It is one of Yoga’s fundamental tenets that no effort is ever wasted; even the slightest attempt at transforming ourselves makes a difference. It is our patient cumulative effort that flowers into enlightenment sooner or later.”

Georg Feuerstein, The Deeper Dimension of Yoga: Theory & Practice, p.24

TRY THIS: Take Life into Your Own Hands

Meditation for patience:
• Sit quietly in a comfortable seated position and draw your awareness to your breath.
• Now guide your attention through the entire body, deeply relaxing the feet, legs, hips, abdomen, chest, shoulders, arms fingers, neck, throat, mouth, jaw, forehead and crown of your head.
• Once you are feeling a deeper presence in the moment, return your awareness to your breath.
• As you inhale, envision drawing in a glowing light of energy that fills you with peace and patience.
• As you exhale envision a release or cleansing of anything you are holding on to or any anxiety that may be lurking in your body.
• Start by practicing this for 3-5 minutes and gradually work your way up to 20 minutes.

Inspire Your Own Self-Transformation:
This is a wonderful exercise that I was first introduced to by one of my personal gurus, uncle Seth when I turned graduated from college and was about to move to West Africa as a teacher. There are many variations of this technique around, they are all meant to put life goals into perspective and feel within reach. Once we have an idea of what is ahead of us, we have a better sense of guiding ourselves in that direction at a steady pace, with patience.
• Create a list of your goals for the year, dividing the list for the next three months, one year, five years and lifetime.
• Read over your goals and grade them with A, B, C, D (A= Most important)
• Prioritize your As 1-10.
• Read over your list and let yourself visualize enjoying each of your goals. Hold onto the list for safe-keeping and return to it when you are in need of some guidance or inspiration.

Atta Yoga Anunasanam , NOW IS THE TIME FOR YOGA
• Create a calendar of when you are taking yoga classes and commit to sticking to it.
• Let your friends and family know your routine for moral support.

Winter 2010 Greetings & Ruah in Himalayan Yoga Olympics

Dear Friends,

I hope that this finds you well and experiencing a positive and peaceful beginning to the New Year!

This winter has already brought many new beginnings. As many of you know, I am in the midst of assisting my first Yoga Teacher Training, which has been an inspiring experience so far! What a joy to witness New Yorker Yogis deepening their love of Yoga.

It does not take a yoga teacher training to experience the gradual and yet profound transformation that yoga has to offer. Every step towards creating something positive and new for ourselves or others is the yoga.

May we all be inspired to incorporate positive change into our lives. As T.K.V. Desikachar says in his book, The Heart of Yoga, “something very personal and essential has to happen for us at the right time, and it has to touch us so deeply that we suddenly really want to pause, consider and change the course of our actions. After that happens we simply go forward step by step. The quality of our action begins to change.”

In gratitude, peace, joy, love and good health.



I arrived in Bangalore, India early in the morning and travelled directly to my grandmother-in-law’s home. After two days of catching up with some immediate family, my mother-in-law accompanied me on the two hour drive from the modern surroundings of Bangalore to the simple grounds of Swami Vivekananda University (SVYASA). I was thrilled to be attending a conference on therapeutic yoga and expected to be immersed in a very peaceful and calming daily yoga and meditation practice with the university community and other conference visitors.

The first few days were quiet and consistent. I woke up at 4am to meditate in my room while I waited for the hot water to come on and fill up my bucket in time. Someone had given me the insider tip that the hot water comes on sometime between 4 & 4:15am, but if you try at 4:30am it disappeared again as everyone tries to fill their buckets in time to make it to the 5am group OM meditation. The day continued with yoga practice, yoga dance fusion, lectures on yoga and health, walks in the wilderness, kirtan (chanting) in the evening and delicious yogi meals.

I was the only American, although there was a group of aspiring yoga teachers from Singapore visiting with their guru, a PhD. from SVYASA and now yoga teacher trainer. I attended the lectures and classes and was happy to make friends with other yogis of all ages eager to make my acquaintance and find out my story.

A few days later, I suddenly noticed large school buses arriving with boys and girls then young men and women, all wearing jump suits with a big sign across the back, “Team Rajasthan,” “Team Karnataka” etc. After some inquiry, I found out that nearly every state of India was represented by teams of 10-20 people to participate in the 11th Annual Himalayan Yoga Olympiad! At our morning meeting that day, the director of the university explained with a glowing and contagious smile that while yoga is non-competitive, this event is a way to share the joys and benefits of yoga to young people with a team spirit! Everyone is honored for their participation and winners are only awarded as part of their teams, to promote community spirit.

Before I knew it, later that day one of my new friends entered me in the competition and I was now a participant along with an international group from Singapore. The video link below is of the asanas that I was tested on by an old man in saffron robes with a beard down to his belly. After the video I was tested on pranayama and mudra breathing and energy lock techniques, followed by a written philosophy exam!

In the end, I won a first place trophy (along with some other winners from the “International Group”) and was invited to give a speech about my experience in front of the other 300 participants! I managed to remember words from the Bhagavad Geeta,” when our actions are put forward with Bhakti, love/devotion, only positive results occur. It is my honor to have been a part of a community of over 300 yogis of all ages practicing in the spirit of Bhakti and hope that we continue to inspire each other.” Everyone was happy and stood up to applaud; I blushed and turned my eyes to the ground in gratitude of the experience. It really was a reward of a lifetime to be a part of such a positive yoga community and event – I was truly inspired to take with me what I had learned and continue to share what I love.

The morning after the award ceremony I went for an early morning hike at dawn with the Singapore yogi group and some other local yogis. We took in the final moments of appreciating beautiful surroundings of misty warm breezes from the peak of a distant tall green mountain that could have been in the heart of Ireland.

Later that day I felt like a young girl being picked-up from summer camp and was so grateful to see my mother-in-law when she came down the bumpy dirt road. We exchanged heart-felt hugs and I shared exciting stories of getting to know strangers over our common love of yoga.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


• 7 days and 6 nights in luxury beach Hotel Guanahani & Spa
•Daily yoga at Coconut Grove or Clarins Spa.
• Daily meditation & detoxification guidance.
• Daily delicious healthy meals.
• Beach walks & core-strengthening exercises.
•Welcome fruit platter or cocktail upon arrival.
•Special Clarins gift bag with any spa treatment booked.
•R0und trip airport pick-up and drop-off.

Ocean View Room:

Triple: 1800 Euros per person
Double: 1900 Euros per person
Single: 2800 Euros
Ocean Suite:

Triple: 2200 Euros per person
Double: 2500 Euros per person
Single: 4000 Euros

*All rooms include full board, private bathrooms, ocean views, access to spa, tennis courts and other amenities.

REJUVENATE with celebrity yoga guru RUAH BHAY to St. Barth's in the French West Indies this March. Seven relaxing days and six peaceful nights in ocean front luxury Hotel Guanahani & Spa. Yoga by the crystal clear blue waters and white sandy beach, meditation, healthy meals, abdominal strengthening, walks on the beach and in the mountains. Cultivate strength, flexibility & a peace of mind alongside the beautiful beach front location just a plane ride away. Ideal for solo travelers, friends or couples. Limited rooms available & subject to sufficient sign-ups.

For more information contact:

Copyright 2009 ©Ruah Yoga. All rights reserved.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Ruah's Yogaworks SLIM Class Review in MORE.COM

Yoga that Slims You Down
Michele Bender

Can you torch major calories and get zen at the same time? I was eager to find out.

One of my pet peeves is when a super-slim celebrity swears that yoga is all she does to keep fit. Sure, yoga is a fabulous workout for the mind and body and I know it can help sculpt and stretch your muscles. But the women who say they owe their lean, mean, size-0 bodies solely to downward dogs and sun salutations can not be telling the truth. I went through a yoga-loving phase back in grad school and my body didn’t come close. (Though that was also my M & M loving phase.) Which brings me to why I rarely do yoga: though I love it, I only have a small window of time to exercise and when that time arrives I want to burn calories and really sweat.

However, a new class at the famed Yogaworks studios called Yogaworks SLIM says it will give you a zen-based cardio workout. “Yogaworks SLIM is based on high intensity interval training to help the body burn calories by increasing the heart rate with flowing movement and strengthen muscles while holding various postures,” says instructor Ruah Bhay. This sounded like the answers to my cardio or yoga conundrum. I could do both! Plus, the class description says its been proven to speed metabolism and aid in weight loss. Sign me up!

I was surprised when I walked into the studio and it looked just like a regular yoga class. There were rows of yoga mats spread across the room and my fellow students were sitting there cross-legged and barefoot. Traditional yoga props like blankets, blocks and stretching bands were also near-by. This must be a gimmick to lure all those people with New Years’ resolutions, I thought. Boy, was I wrong. Class started with us doing tough, tummy torturing ab moves that were anything but passive. Then we moved into some more familiar yoga moves like warrior I and II. Next, came one of the intervals – a fast-paced series of poses including chair pose, revolved chair pose to the right, chair pose, revolved chair pose to the left.

After doing this five times – yes, five! - I knew Ruah was right when she told us this sequence would burn excess fat and strengthen muscles. I could practically feel the calories melting away! Immediately after that heart-racing section, we held a chair pose for 10 very long deep breaths. In between the traditional vinyasa moves like plank, chatarunga, upward facing dog and downward dog, Ruah added push ups that had my arms trembling.

We did this too many times to count, but I was glad when she took a break from that and went onto a few slower poses like triangle. I could barely keep up (though neither could several others in the room) and all of us were sweating (in my book, the sign of an effective workout). Class ended with some amazing yoga stretches and my favorite, savasana, a.k.a. corpse pose. I left feeling calm and centered, but also like I’d gotten a good workout. Proof of that came the next day when my legs, arms and abs were really sore. I’d finally killed two workout birds with one stone! Maybe you can get slim from yoga alone.

Right now the class is offered only NY and is coming to LA studios soon. But thanks to the new Yogaworks Body Slim DVD (, you can get a cardio-zen workout in the comfort of your own home!

Ruah Yoga

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New York, New York, United States
Flow yoga, prenatal yoga, beginner or advanced yoga and spiritual meditation with guidance from NYC yoga instructor Ruah Bhay, M.A. Discover your healthy body and mind with private sessions.