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“Yoga is a gradual process of replacing our unconscious patterns of thought and behavior with new, more benign patterns that are expressive of the higher powers and virtues of enlightenment.

It takes time to accomplish this far-reaching work of self-transformation, and therefore practitioners of Yoga must first and foremost practice patience.

Enlightenment, or liberation, is not realized in a matter of days, weeks, or months. We must be willing to commit to an entire lifetime of yogic practice. There must be a basic impulse to grow, regardless of whether or not we will achieve liberation in this lifetime. It is one of Yoga’s fundamental tenets that no effort is ever wasted; even the slightest attempt at transforming ourselves makes a difference. It is our patient cumulative effort that flowers into enlightenment sooner or later.”

Georg Feuerstein, The Deeper Dimension of Yoga: Theory & Practice, p.24

TRY THIS: Take Life into Your Own Hands

Meditation for patience:
• Sit quietly in a comfortable seated position and draw your awareness to your breath.
• Now guide your attention through the entire body, deeply relaxing the feet, legs, hips, abdomen, chest, shoulders, arms fingers, neck, throat, mouth, jaw, forehead and crown of your head.
• Once you are feeling a deeper presence in the moment, return your awareness to your breath.
• As you inhale, envision drawing in a glowing light of energy that fills you with peace and patience.
• As you exhale envision a release or cleansing of anything you are holding on to or any anxiety that may be lurking in your body.
• Start by practicing this for 3-5 minutes and gradually work your way up to 20 minutes.

Inspire Your Own Self-Transformation:
This is a wonderful exercise that I was first introduced to by one of my personal gurus, uncle Seth when I turned graduated from college and was about to move to West Africa as a teacher. There are many variations of this technique around, they are all meant to put life goals into perspective and feel within reach. Once we have an idea of what is ahead of us, we have a better sense of guiding ourselves in that direction at a steady pace, with patience.
• Create a list of your goals for the year, dividing the list for the next three months, one year, five years and lifetime.
• Read over your goals and grade them with A, B, C, D (A= Most important)
• Prioritize your As 1-10.
• Read over your list and let yourself visualize enjoying each of your goals. Hold onto the list for safe-keeping and return to it when you are in need of some guidance or inspiration.

Atta Yoga Anunasanam , NOW IS THE TIME FOR YOGA
• Create a calendar of when you are taking yoga classes and commit to sticking to it.
• Let your friends and family know your routine for moral support.

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