Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Spring Greetings!

"As the sun shines upon my heart, may my heart shine upon the hearts of others!" - The Upanishads

Dear Friends,

I hope that this finds you happy, healthy and delighting in the beginning of spring!

What a miracle change is! Transformation happens so quickly this season as the warmer weather and moist air brings along all of nature's budding beauty. It is in the air, more change is certainly on the way!

This season of change in Ayurveda (the science of the body) is called kapha, a time when our bodies and minds tend to be slow and even sluggish in the process of awakening out of our hibernation from winter. Now is a time to get to bed early and arise at an early hour to avoid the feeling of heaviness that often comes with sleeping-in during this time. Drink hot liquids with spices like ginger and cinnamon and be sure to include daily exercise to cleanse the body and mind. Create a plan and pave a path for your body and mind to spring into a healthy and happy you! I hope that you will join me Sunday, May 16th for Detox Ruah Yoga Flow workshop at Yogaworks and also please read below for some very special news!

In gratitude, peace, joy, love and good health.



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Rajesh Mishra said...

Inspiring writings and I greatly admired what you have to say , I hope you continue to provide new ideas for us all and greetings success always for you..Keep update more information..
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