Saturday, October 2, 2010

38.5 Weeks Pregnant

Emotions and senses heightened beyond even my normal sensitive-self;
Blissful in my mind & body;

Grateful for last few days of this life inside me;

Amazed that there are more blessings beyond my imagination to this journey up ahead;

Moving slowly like through water;

Deeply in love with and grateful for Neil, family, friends & yoga;

Indebted to yoga for feeling strong and guiding me through daily headstands, shoulder stands and even arm balances...on the other hand...can barely roll over or get up in the morning;

Dreaming of how this beautiful boy will look and envisioning our first exchange of a heart-felt glance;

Motherhood and a real-life baby seem so far away even though they could arrive any moment;

Wondering what contractions will feel like and how I will (like every other woman before and after me) somehow figure it out when they come;

Looking forward to whatever birth is part of the life-path while visualizing and praying for a natural and blissful one.

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