Saturday, December 4, 2010

Ruah Yoga Returns!

Atta yoga anunasanam! Now is the time for yoga! After enjoying being a mom and yoga teacher to my baby son Nadal, it's now time to follow the path back to teaching NYC yogis! Starting in January, I'll be back to teaching!

Nurturing another human being has certainly been teaching me many life lessons that are useful as a yoga teacher. Also, the balance that yoga, meditation and pranayama has brought to my life has been integral to getting through the challenges of being a new mom.

I'm so excited to start teaching yoga again (beyond my baby) and share the peace and bliss that yoga brings to all of our lives.

Looking forward to seeing you at Equinox & Yogaworks soon!



Nadal Phoenix Bhay is Born!

Please join ,me in sharing positive thoughts and blessings for the new arrival of Nadal Phoenix Bhay, born on Tuesday, 10.12.10 at 1pm sharp.

Labor was a challenging and life-changing experience with 36 hours from when my water broke to Nadal coming into the world. With the help of my team of support from my amazing-beyond-words husband, wonderful doula, Gayle Lemke and phenomonal midwife, Sandy Woods, I was able to push him out after 12 hours of contractions and forty minutes of pushing (all without an epidural) and even catch him with my own two hands!

Nadal is Sanskrit for "fortuitous" and "blessed". Of course, Neil & I are also excited that he shares a name with a great U.S. Open winner! We chose Phoenix, the bird and spirit of fire, as it represents rebirth - just as we are experiencing a birth of a new phase of life!

I feel so very blessed and lucky to have him join our lives after patiently watching him grow into a unique and beautiful being in my belly! We are so thrilled to now share Nadal with the world. We hope to raise him as a thoughtful, caring, compassionate, intelligent and strong yogi boy to make a difference for the better in the world around him.

You can find out what Nadal is up to and see more photos on his Facebook Page under Nadal Bhay.

I will be sure to keep you updated with Ruah Yoga as it progresses - with a return to teaching classes and workshops in the new year. Finally, always be sure to find me on Facebook and my blog for other updates.

Facebook: Ruah Yoga - Minda, Body, Spirit!/pages/New-York-NY/Ruah-Yoga-Healthy-Mind-Body-Spirit/64080503705

Peace, Love & Light to all!

Ruah, Neil & Nadal

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