Thursday, September 5, 2013

Introducing Ruah Running

This class is a chance to achieve your fitness goals by learning how to run in a way that incorporates:
-yoga stretching
-core strengthening
-correct posture
-efficiency of gait
-interval running
-breathing techniques
All of this will help you prepare for a 5k and exercising in a supportive and accessible way.

Ruah Running is especially great for beginners to build strength and stamina for a 5K run and prepare for a running lifestyle.  The class is also a wonderful way for those looking to get back into their running routine where they left off.

All levels of running are welcome.  Come on your own or pushing your little one in a stroller.

Ruah Running was inspired by requests from friends and fellow moms after successfully teaching running to corporate clients and my own running practice as an important part of my commitment to good health.


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