9:30-10:45am Vinyasa
Yogaworks Brooklyn 

12:30pm -1:30pm Vinyasa

9-10am Vinyasa

10:15-11:15am Vinyasa
Equinox Brooklyn Heights

Ruah Yoga Privates, Couple and Corporate Classes

Build strength, flexibility and find a peace of mind.
Each session is tailored to the individual, couple, small group or corporate group to help meet your goals.

We work together with a specific sequence towards making your desires a reality.

Our time together can focus on:
-rigorous connection of movement to breath (vinyasa) to make you sweat;
-slow flowing movements to open the body;
-peaceful meditations to help focus your concentration;
-a combination of everything together.

All sessions help you to build strength, tone your body become more flexible and find a peace of mind.

1 Session: $200
3 Sessions: ($50 off) $550
5 Session: ($100 off)  $900
10 Session: ($200 off) $1800

To sign-up for a session or for further information, please feel free to contact me:


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Gianna Blake said...

I like this blog post a lot. Even I would like to get started with my weight loss yoga workouts and will definitely need to invest in very comfortable and soft workout clothes and I am having very sensitive skin. Someone has suggested purchasing the apparels from the brand Alo Yoga. Can you review their stuff?

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