Saturday, June 15th 9-12:30pm
Lawn of Pier 6, Brooklyn Bridge Park

$50/$45 through June 1st
RESERVE your spot today 
VENMO @ruah-bhay or PAYPAL ruahyoga@gmail.comnd life through challenging, yet accessible,
yoga flow, mindful breathing, guided relaxation and meditation.  

Open up your legs, hips, lower back, shoulders and arms helping you to feel relaxed, cleansed and refreshed from the inside out. After time on the mat, set your life on a positive path through affirmation and goal writing exercises.

Detox Life & Create Your Goals offers a unique opportunity to:

-Clear away layers of accumulated toxins in your life..
-Guide your mind and body into a mini urban-retreat.
-Cleanse your entire being and make space to write down and manifest your goals.  
-All levels of yoga welcome.

Bring a journal, pen, your yoga mat, light weight scarf, towel and blocks if needed.


Saturday, June 29th 2019 9:30-12pm

Enjoying a day trip Rockaways, it is a wonderful way to savor the end of Summer bliss and it is only a ferry or subway ride away on the A train! 

RESERVE your spot today:

*Deposit by June 23rd of $20 to hold your spot.*

$40/$35 through May 28th 

VENMO @ruah-bhay

9:30-12 PM Yoga, Breathing, Relaxation & Meditation class with Ruah guiding you to strengthen, open and relax your body, mind and spirit.  This class will leave you feeling invigorated, and refreshed - ready to hop on your board and hang ten!
  • Enjoy a beautiful stroll on the board walk after class and off the beach a few blocks to one of the best tacos on the East Coast at Rockaway Taco!  These tacos meet even the standards of my West Coast family/taco connoisseurs!

  • Chill out on the beach for the rest of the day or visit Caracas Arepa Bar and take in the beautiful view while sipping margarita or savoring delicious ice cream (or more yummy Venezuelan food) from the boardwalk at Caracas
  • Learn to Surf with the fantastic Locals Surf School  These are the same great teachers that taught me my first surf lesson! You will feel safe, prepared and ready to the most out of your surfing experience.  If you are interested, reach out to them directly by visiting their website or finding them on Facebook and reach out to them for availability.


Btw. Beach 105th & 108th on the beach in front of Caracas Areba Bar, Queens, NY
  Rockaway Beach is accessible by car, train, bus or bike. The beach is about an hour from downtown Brooklyn on the A train ride away from downtown Manhattan and . Check out google maps or Hop Stop to see for yourself. If you are a biker, it's an accessible 10 mile ride from- a great way to start the day! 

We'll meet on the beach in front of Caracas Areba Bar.


Directions by MTA TRAIN:
1) Take DOWNTOWN Bkyln/Qns A-Train towards FAR ROCKAWAY (there are other A train destinations, so make sure you get on the FAR ROCKAWAY one) to BROAD CHANNEL.
2) Get off at BROAD CHANNEL to Transfer to the S to 106th St
3) Get off at Beach 106th St. and walk to Beach 105th street and turn right towards the beach.
4) Once at the beach, turn right again until you arrive at Caracas Arepa Bar.
5) Look for me and the other yogis on the beach.
* Make sure you get on the FAR ROCKAWAY A train NOT the Lefferts Blvd or Rocaway Park)**
**Check the banner on the side of the train before getting on to ensure you are on the right A train**

Directions by LIRR
1) LIRR towards Far Rockaway, and get off the train at Far Rockaway-Mott Avenue.
2) TRANSFER to the Manhattan Bound A-train. Then you will arrive at your destination, which is the beach 67th St stop (5 stops).

Directions by Car or Bike
Use your favorite directions website or GPS by plugging in the location: Caracas Arepa Bar or Beach 105th St., Queens, NY 11692

Directions by Ferry
1) Hop on the ferry from either Wall Street or Sunset Park (See details here: NYC FERRY)
2) Once at the beach, turn right again until you arrive at Caracas Arepa Bar.
3) Look for me and the other yogis on the beach.

Some things on this list are personal preference, but just so you don't forget anything...

v  Yoga Gear – bring whatever you feel like doing yoga in and maybe a bandana or hat to cover your head from the sun.

v  Towel, sheet or Yoga Mat to practice on.

v  Beach umbrella.

v  Beach chair.

v  Healthy snacks like fruit, nuts and protein bars.

v  PLENTY of sunscreen.

v  Favorite beach hat.

v  Sunglasses


-Sat., September 29th 9-4pm
  Yogaworks Soho

Immerse yourself in a day of nourishing self-care.  Spend the morning doing yoga, guided relaxation, breathing techniques, meditation and taking deep rest.  After a break for lunch, we will take a walking meditation then repeat the morning cycle.  Yoga & Meditation Retreat will offer you a chance to:

*Release stress, rejuvenate your mind, refresh your body and awaken your spirit.
*Emerge with an overall sense of energy and clarity.
* Spend the day doing yoga, pranayama, relaxation and meditation.

Open to all levels of yoga and meditation practices.  Bring layers of clothing and a lightweight scarf for meditation.

*Please bring the following for the outdoor date:
-yoga mat
- thick towel, yoga blanket or meditation cushion to sit comfortably on.
-lightweight scarf
-bandana or hand towel
-snacks & packed lunch or money to purchase lunch 


FULL BODY PRACTICE: Get Sweaty. Be Inspired.
Saturday June 23rd, 2-5pm
Yogaworks Brooklyn Heights

Here is your chance to do a full yoga practice and feel every part of your body, mind and spirit nourished and strengthened from the inside out.  In this workshop you will be guided through the following:

* Full body, sweaty, flowing, challenging yet accessible yoga practice with mindful offerings of both modifications using props and variations including arm balances set to great music.
*Inspiring dharma lesson on how to integrate a specific yoga philosophy on the mat and in experiences of everyday life.
*Hands on assists and “svasana massage” using Ruah’s homemade RuahVeda organic essential oil blend based on the Ayurvedic Dosha season (with the option to pass on any or all of this).

This workshop will leave your body, mind and spirit feeling cleansed, free and inspired!  


Email sign-up:


New Dates coming soon

Broaden your knowledge and improve your ability to give mindful, confident, safe and delicious hands on assists.  Deepen your understanding of the poses and use this as a time and space to have a better understanding of the physical asana practice.

In this experiential workshop you will:
  • Learn and/or fine-tune when and how to effectively assist a variety yoga postures of all levels.
  • Experience assists yourself during a full body 1.5 hour practice.
  • Receive feedback on your assists.
  • Discuss best practices and challenges of assisting students using hands, words and body language.
The workshop is meant for teachers but also open to aspiring teachers and intermediate yogis.

$65/$60 through March 4th
Email sign-up:


Saturday, May 19th 1-4pm Yogaworks Soho

LEARN TO GO UPSIDE DOWN!  Enjoy an hour and a half practice preparing your body to invert by opening up and strengthening the neck, shoulders, lower back, hips and legs.  After a full practice and deep rest, explore the anatomy and construction of inversions like headstand, shoulder stand, forearm stand and handstand and be guided mindfully through each pose. This workshop will offer you a chance to:

*Learn the fundamentals of an inversion practice and how to apply them to your body.
*Receive personal attention and feedback on your inversion practice.
*Discover helpful modifications or advanced variations right for your body and practice.

Come and find your "aha" moment!  Whether you hope to learn how to go upside down at all or are looking to take your inversion practice to the next level, this workshop is for you!

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