Private Sessions

Yoga Private Sessions for Individuals, Couples and Groups
Build strength, flexibility and find a peace of mind.
Each session is tailored to the individual, couple, small group or corporate group to help meet your fitness and overall health goals.

We work together with a specific program towards making your desires a reality.

Our time together can focus on:
-rigorous connection of movement to breath (vinyasa) to make you sweat;
-slow flowing movements to open the body;
-peaceful meditations to help focus your concentration;
-guidance in healthy eating and green smoothies;
-support for a sustainable running practice;
-a combination of everything together.

All sessions help you to build strength, tone your body become more flexible and find a peace of mind.

To sign-up for a session or for further information, please send an email to

Check out this article on private sessions with a notable mention of me. "Not Your Average Yoga Studio" is written by one of my lovely private students,Add Image Grace Lee. Grace also happens to be expecting and even has the same due date as me in October!

Article on P.27 & 29:

Magazine Website:

One of the most amazing joys of being a yoga teacher is witnessing the incredible progress of regular, committed students over time. This is especially so with all of my private students. When studying yoga privately, a student has the opportunity to fine-tune their practice and work on poses and meditations that are adapted to the how the student is feeling the day of the practice. Also, private sessions offer a space for students to deepen their relationship and understanding of themselves.

Group classes, of course, award wonderful benefits including absorbing the shared flow of energy and learning from others in the class. However, practicing with a private teacher can really deepen a sense of awareness, encouraging the practice self-study, svadyaya.

When a teacher guides a student through postures that are carefully aligned to the indivual body, the muscle memory returns to recreate the best variation of the posture everytime the student practices. As a student becomes increasingly mindful of their mind-body connection it becomes an effortless process to explore new postures, deepen variations of familiar postures and discover the peace of mind naturally present within all of us. This is how we advance in our practice.

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