Based on principles of Ayurveda and yoga philosophy, I offer practical guidance on how to both make mindful choices and cultivate overall wellness in everyday life.  I have been in the yoga, meditation and wellness industry since 2005 and am a senior teacher and mentor at Equinox & Yogaworks. REACH OUT DIRECTLY TO WORK TOGETHER

Sessions for individuals, couples and groups offers you an opportunity to nourish and awaken your ideal  self!  I am here to guide, care for and support you in connecting to your strength, confidence and inner peace.

I will guide you through a combination of any or all of these practices: yoga, meditation, breathing, strength building, making mindful choices, recovering from injuries, nurturing your prenatal journey, healing your postnatal experience, chanting, journaling. Together, we will work towards releasing whatever no longer serves you - physically, mentally or emotionally, allowing you to open up, strengthen and heal your body, mind and spirit.  You will find yourself  ready to invite whatever it is that you seek to uplift within you.   

Specific areas we will work together on include:

  • fine-tuning your overall yoga practice by building physical strength, toning your body, increasing flexibility and finding inner peace
  • creating a consistent yoga practice that works for your schedule
  • receiving my full, specialized attention to help you with your postures
  • having my healing hands assist you in developing a deeper awareness of your body and  practice, while  melting away the  tension from your body, mind and spirit
  • having a tailored yoga, strengthening, meditation, breathing and relaxation practice geared toward your unique body, stage of life and daily needs
  • developing mindful eating and cooking,  including guidance with seasonal and ayurvedic eating
  • finding out your ayurvedic dosha and what foods/activities help you to balance out your tendencies
  • Prepare and heal from your prenatal, birthing and postnatal experience
  • Deepen the connection to the real you


Whether you are a beginner looking to start your yoga  journey, an advanced practitioner seeking an experienced guide, a student who wants to fine-tune and deepen their practice or a couple who wants to make practicing together a special time for their relationship, I am here for you.  As you build strength in a safe and nurturing environment, you’ll see notable progress not only in your physical body but also in mind, energy and spirit. 

I have taught private yoga, meditation and wellness to hundreds of students, couples and groups, helping them successfully attain and sustain their health and fitness goals.  

Private sessions take place at your chosen location in NYC or in my BoCoCa home studio. To sign-up for a session or for further information, CONTACT ME DIRECTLY HERE or Direct Message me on Instagram or Facebook.

1 session $200 
3 sessions $550 ($50 off)
5 sessions $925 ($75 off)
10 sessions $1875 ($125 off)


Open to aspiring, new, and advanced  yoga teachers. 

Looking to take your teacher training and your practice on and off the mat to the next level? I will guide you in fine tuning your teaching practice through:

  • developing your own authentic style of teaching 
  • employing the latest knowledge and research on yoga practice and teaching
  • applying alignment, sequencing, meditation, chanting, massage, and hands on assists
  • helping with clarity in instruction, particularly for challenging postures and sequences
  • providing constructive feedback on your teaching
  • building community in your classes
  • developing a roster of returning students
  • launching or updating your own teacher website and marketing campaign
  • processing your own growing edge to support you in taking your own practice and classes to the next level
  • and so much more!

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