Private Sessions for Individuals, Couples and Groups
Get inspired, build strength, find flexibility and receive a peace of mind.

Private yoga sessions offer a variety of opportunities that go well beyond the benefits of group classes.

When we meet together one on one or in a small group, I am able to take care of you fully from the start to end of our time together.  In our session, I will guide you through practice that is carefully tailored just for you in a way that helps you meet your health, wellness and fitness goals.

Private yoga sessions are ideal for you if you would like to: 

  • fine-tune your overall yoga practice.
  • create a consistent yoga practice that works for your busy schedule.
  • receive my full attention to help you with your postures. 
  • build strength, tone your body, become more flexible and find a peace of mind.
  • have a tailored yoga, strengthening, meditation, breathing and relaxation practice just right for your body, stage of life and needs of each day you show up on the mat.
  • have guidance and support to healthy eating and cooking. 
  • deepen your relationship and understanding of yourself.

1 session $200 
3 sessions $550 ($50 off)
5 sessions $925 ($75 off)
10 sessions $1875 ($125 off)

To sign-up for a session or for further information, please send an email to or Direct Message me on Instagram or Facebook.

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