*According to Ayurveda, we are all born with a specific constitution, or DOSHA, that shows up in our body, mind and emotions.  Phases of life, day to day experiences and the elements of each season influence our natural state of being and create imbalances in our lives.     

*Ruah Veda Aromathérapie is one of the ways to calm the imbalances that arise.  

*Depending on the season or what balance you are seeking at the time, each Ruah Veda scent stimulates the olfactory senses helping you to relax and return you to your center.

*All scents are based in soothing a blend of sesame oil, sweet almond oil, water, lavender, ylang ylang and jasmine.  

Ruah Veda Body & Room Spray 2 or 4 oz.

How to Use: Mist all over your body and home to soothe your mind, body and emotions throughout the fall and early winter vata season. Spray on your pillow and rub onto your feet at night for peaceful sleep.

CAUTION: For external use only.  Keep out of children’s reach.

Vata - Fall/Winter
The dry, crisp air and wind of fall and early winter, Vata, is balanced by warming scents as, frankincense, sweet flag, eucalyptus, cinnamon, cloves, geranium rose and jasmine.  

Kapha - Winter/Spring
The moist, cold weather of winter and early spring, Kapha, is balanced by warming and awakening scents as peppermint, rosemary, basil, eucalyptus, ginger.

Pitta - Spring/Summer
The warm, steamy weather of late spring and summer, Pitta, is balanced by sweet cooling scents as eucalyptus, pine, sandalwood, peppermint and fennel.  


Vata Dosha - Wind, Air, Space
*Body Type: Naturally small-boned, dry skin, prominent joints
*In Balance: Intuitive, luminous, adaptable, creative, quick thinker, clear speech
*Out of balance: Overthinking, anxiety, metal fog, mental, vocal chatter
*Remedy: Vata oil; warm and oily foods and fluids; slow-down; meditation; alignment yoga

Kapha Dosha - Water, Earth
*Body Type: Naturally larger-boned, curvy, moist skin
*In Balance: Patient, compassionate, loyal, devoted
*Out of balance: Depression, loneliness, lethargy, slow digestion
*Remedy: Warm fluids; spicy foods; minimize salt, heavy foods and dairy; walks; meditation; vinyasa yoga

Pitta Dosha - Fire, Water
*Body: Medium build, muscles come easily.
​*In Balance: Passionate, sharp mind, ​strong willpower, quick on feet.
* Out of balance: Impatience, anger, loneliness.
*Remedy: Cooling foods and fluids; reduced spice, alcohol and caffeine; nature walks; reduced activity; meditation; slow flow yoga.


"It has become part of my evening ritual before I go to sleep.  I look forward to it and just love it!"

"Remember to keep some bottles for our house mom, I love it when you spray me and my pillow before bed so much!" - My 7 year old son, Nadal

"It's so relaxing to smell, it immediately reminds me of svasana.  My kids love it too!" -Daniel

My parents gave me the name Ruah, which is hebrew for breath (of G-d) because it is in both the Torah and the Book of Psalms in The Bible. Veda means wisdom in sanskrit.  The name Ruah Veda, for me, felt like the perfect blend of the two things I am so grateful to receive and share on my journey as a woman, mother, wife, daughter and  yoga teacher.  Also, Ruah Veda sounds similar to Ayurveda, which is what the aromatherapies of Ruah Veda are guided by.  After years of blending my own oils based on the ayurvedic seasons to use while offering “svasana massage” and on my kids when I had them do “baby/toddler/big kid yoga.”  I eventually switched to blending them into a spray for the room so that when my classes were too big for me to get to each student, everyone could enjoy the benefits of the aromatherapy.  Students would always come to me after class and ask, “what is that oil you are using?”  I would apologize saying it wasn’t possible to get since I blend it myself.  Students would always ask me to start making them to sell, but my busy life of raising two little children, teaching, living the NYC life, I wasn’t about to add one more thing to my life!  

Then, there was magic!  My youngest child, Aria, turned three and a half, my oldest was 7 and suddenly felt like I had more space in my life, more freedom in my brain and rested enough to do more than survive and thrive in my bubble of motherhood, being a wife, a daughter, a family member, part of my community and a yoga teacher.  I started branching out in my life this fall, and that included attending an amazing Yoga & Art day hosted by NY Yoga + Life at the Rubin Museum.  I took a class with two of my favorite yogi musicians MC Yogi and DJ Drez in the morning, a chakra healing class and a mala making workshop at the end of the day with the owner of Satya jewelry.  I had met Satya years ago when taking a training with Kundalini teacher Gurmukh Khal Khasa in 2007 and had always admired her as a woman, mother and stunning jewelry designer.  She has recently been adventuring into a new chapter of her own life, teaching yoga and workshops and I was lucky enough to attend her class that day where she led us in beautiful chanting, mala making and dream creating.  She told us the story of when she started her company after a transition in her life where she was doing more yoga and opened herself up to follow her own intuition.  Then, she invited us to come up with an intention that we wanted to put forth into the world and each time we placed the mala bead on the string we repeat the intention and imagine it happening.  I remember her saying, “make your dream big, go beyond your wildest imagination, why not?”  My mantra came to me easily, it rolled off my internal dialogue tongue as, “may I come up with something to reach my full potential.”  

Honestly, I really wasn’t attached to the outcome of the mantra, but just for fun I wore the mala bracelet every day and tried repeating the mantra for the next few days at the beginning of my daily meditation.  Then after a week or so, I let it go and life went on.  Then, one day, after a few of my students kept asking me for a few days in a row if I would make the oils for them to have (thank you Danielle, Meredith and Neda!), I finally made a batch of 12 bottles thinking that at least I could check it off of my list of things to do, my students would have their bottles to take home and I could store the rest for my classes or give them as gifts.  Somehow, when I brought them to class that day, all of the bottles were sold and there were requests for more!  I was truly in shock and figured it was a one time thing so made another batch and the same thing happened.  After the second batch,. three thoughts came to me so strongly, 1) that this felt connected to my intention with the mala beads, 2) that I was excited about the prospect of making this into something special, 3) if this was something where I was going to make money, I wanted to give back in some way.  Who knows for sure what the universe will offer in the path ahead, but for now, I am deeply grateful for all that has happened so far.  I continue to share Ruah Veda bottles every day and am able to not only use the resources I receive to support my family but also offer a portion of it to charity. I have been donating to organizations that support post hurricane efforts in Puerto Rico, but will be rotating to various NGOs throughout the year.      
As someone who has a past career in the NGO industry, I remember how every dollar counts in the line item budgets of organizations that serve others.  Our world is in such a state of need and could use our help in any way we can offer it - whether it is our dollars to support people helping others, our energy and presence in the lives of those immediately around us or the relaxation that effortlessly comes to us when we spray Ruah Veda aromatherapy.  

In gratitude, peace & love,



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